Virtual Open Day

Welcome to our Virtual Open Day

"At New Horizons, we want to transform the life chances of every child who walks through our door by providing an education which promotes aspiration, fosters a love of learning within a safe, purposeful and nurturing environment.

"We work tirelessly to ensure that: there are high expectations for every child; every lesson matters and should be exciting; every child is treated as an individual and with dignity; and children learn to play and learn together, understanding moral values of mutual respect, tolerance and personal responsibility.

"As a Thinking School, our curriculum promotes cognitive education and thinking skills by providing our children with a range of tools and techniques to structure their thoughts. Thinkers’ Keys, Habits of Mind and Philosophy for Children (P4C) are embedded within our curriculum, used within pastoral work and help with decision-making at different levels throughout the school.

"We value you as your child’s first educator and ask you to work with us to ensure that your child is achieving as much as possible. We know that starting or changing schools can be both exciting and daunting, so please take a look around for all the information you need – and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch."

Mr C Murphy | Headteacher

Discover New Horizons Children's Academy

Accredited Thinking School

At New Horizons Children’s Academy, we are proud of the support and opportunities we provide our pupils. We cultivate a nurturing, supportive environment which encourages our children to be their best selves and work to achieve their best.

We believe passionately in providing our students with the best foundations on which to build their academic and personal success. As part of this, we utilise a cognitive approach to education through Thinking Skills and Tools.

'The range of cognitive developments indicates that these plans are aspirational, designed to empower children to progressively take ownership of their cognitive development.'

- University of Exeter, 2022

Transforming Life Chances

It is our responsibility as a school to give our children the best life chances possible. To do this, we strive to provide a wealth of opportunity to build their cultural capital through various clubs, extra-curricular and enrichment activities. 

Every day during lunchtimes and after-school there are creative and physical activities for the children to engage with; we run Debate club to develop their public speaking skills; Languages and Culture to broaden their understand about the world around us and many more! 

'Pupils are welcoming and respectful. They move around the school sensibly and take care of their environment. Pupils help new classmates to settle in quickly so they soon become part of the New Horizons family.'

- Ofsted

Making Learning Irresistible

We want to make learning irresistible so that your child comes to school every day happy and eager to learn. We know that children are naturally inquisitive and we aim to develop this curiosity by providing a curriculum that engages and excites but also provides challenge at the correct level.

As a Thinking School, we teach our children to become creative, analytical, adaptable and resilient thinkers which we believe is a vital skill needed for life in the rapidly changing 21st Century. Above all, we want to give even the youngest children the behaviours that will enable them to become successful lifelong learners.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At New Horizons Children's Academy we have a high quality, child first, aspire, challenge, achieve education for our early year children. Our aim is to transform life chances for all children.

In our nursery we take children from the age of three. We follow the development matters framework which is part of the early years foundation stage curriculum for all pupils aged 0-5. In our Nursery 80% of our learning is child-initiated; they have free flow between indoors and our- newly refurbished- outside area.  The other 20% is structured; they have a phonics input, number-time daily and they do a range of adult-led activities. 

Part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust

1. WHO THEY ARE: Affectionately nicknamed Our Trust, it’s effectively the family name for the 18 schools in Our Trust. The schools within Our Trust are situated across Medway, Deal, Hampshire and Plymouth.

2. WHY A THINKING SCHOOL IS THE ONE FOR YOUR CHILD: A Thinking School challenges students to think deeply about their thinking, to be their best self and to gain the knowledge, tools and skills to shape their success in a life beyond school.

The children and young people we're presently educating will retire around 2070. According to experts most of the jobs our children will have don't even exist yet, and this is why developing skills to think independently and become life-long learners is so important.

3. HOW A THINKING SCHOOL WORKS: Our cognitive approach to education defines us but does not create a 'one size fits all'. Each and every member of the TSAT family is equally as important and shares a direction and ethos; put simply, we believe that we are stronger together.

Our schools work with each student so they are aspirational and ready to move forward and understand their role within their local community and beyond. The Thinking School approach to education is unique and we believe that it genuinely transforms the life chances of our children, teaching them the critical thinking skills they need to be resilient in life after school.


Pupils at New Horizons Children's Academy are expected to achieve standards of excellence in all areas of academy life including appearance. 

School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the aims and values of the school and sets an appropriate tone. Personal presentation is important because it establishes good working habits and we want to make sure that every student develops a sense of pride in how they look. Students are ambassadors for New Horizons Children's Academy, and their behaviour when in uniform, including going to and from school, reflects on the school.

A well-worn uniform supports excellent behaviour, emphasises equality amongst young people and reflects the pride that our students have in being part of our community. Correct uniform must be worn at all times.