School Performance

New Horizons Children's Academy KS2 Results 2023

Percentage of pupils reaching expected level

Please see table below for the school’s latest assessment data. This is the school’s provisional data, which may change slightly in the future. Final, validated data will be available in December 2023.  The Medway and national data is also provisional data at this time. The final Medway and national data will also be published here when that becomes available.


AttainmentNew Horizons Children's Academy 2023Provisional National 2023 
Key Stage 2 Reading68%73%
Key Stage 2 Writing70%72%
Key Stage 2 Maths61%73%
Key Stage 2 GPaS63%72%
Key Stage 2 RWM combined49%59%
Key Stage 2 RWM higher standard8%8%


CohortNew Horizons Children's AcademyNationalAverage ScoreHigh Scores
Reading253.90School 103/National 105School 24%/National 29%
Writing252.40EGPS School 106/National 105School 15%/National 13%
Maths254.50School 101/National 104School 17%/National 24%


New Horizons Children's Academy KS1 Results 2023

Percentage of pupils reaching expected level

AttainmentNew Horizons Children's Academy 2023

Provisional National 2023   

Key Stage 1 Reading60%68%
Key Stage 1 Writing54%59%
Key Stage 1 Maths69%70%


Year 1 Phonics Check 2023:

New Horizons Children's Academy 2023National 2023


Year 2 Phonics Expected Standard 2023:

 New Horizons Children's Academy 2023National 2023
 93% 89%


Good Level of Development at end of EYFS 2023:

New Horizons Children's Academy 2023National 2023


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