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School Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the Government’s most recent Covid-19 update on Sunday 10th May it is important to note that there are no immediate changes in the education or child care provision made by schools.

Therefore, schools will continue to provide distance learning support for students and child care for Key Workers who have provided 24 hours notice of their intention to use the child care facility. 


As you will be aware, the government has announced the expectation that Primary schools will begin a phased transition to school based learning from 1st June for Years R, 1 and 6.

We are working closely with the Local Authorities and the Department For Education to ensure the most effective and safe return to school for students and staff. We will be in contact you shortly to update you on our plans.


Please continue to check your mailboxes and this website for updates.

Thank you for your continued support.



Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Murphy – Executive Headteacher

Mrs J Bacon – Assistant Headteacher: Key Stage 1
Miss S Morgan – Assistant Headteacher: Key Stage 2
Miss J Studniarz – Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Manager
Mr S Brown  – Business Manager

Nursery Nurse

Miss N Edwards

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Henson

Year R Teachers

Ash Class – Miss L Harris
Elm Class – Miss E Hales
Oak Class – Mrs S Wingrove

Year R Teaching Assistants

Ash Class – Mrs A Halpin
Elm Class – Mrs G Kaur
Oak Class – Mrs V Dilworth

Year 1 Teachers

Beech Class – Miss M Oracova
Hazel Class – Miss E Moors
Maple Class – Mrs K Cotton

Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Beech Class – Mrs T Bailey
Hazel Class – Mrs J Harkin
Maple Class – Miss A Forward

Year 2 Teachers

Birch Class – Mrs V Fenniche
Pine Class – Miss S Bristol
Spruce Class – Miss K Miller

Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Birch Class – Miss L Kerridge
Pine Class – Miss C Morrish
Spruce Class – Mrs J Fullagar

Year 3 Teachers

Apple Class – Mrs G Ryder-Clarke
Cherry Class – Mr J Brown
Damson Class – Miss E McCaw

Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Apple Class – Miss R Daveed
Cherry Class – Miss P Payne
Damson Class – Mr M Somers

Year 4 Teachers

Conifer Class – Miss A Madigan
Hawthorn Class – Mrs D Lloyd
Poplar Class – Miss S Kwakye

Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Conifer Class – Mrs E Mole
Hawthorn Class – Miss E McGrath & Mrs C Mozsarik
Poplar Class – Miss E Isikgun

Year 5 Teachers

Juniper Class – Miss M Green & Mr G Dickinson
Laburnam Class – Mr L Hall
Sycamore Class – Mrs M Babatunde

Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Juniper Class – Miss B Candy
Laburnam Class – Miss H Kingsland & Mrs T Matthews
Sycamore Class – Mrs H Bell

Year 6 Teachers

Aspen Class – Miss T Johnson
Cypress Class – Miss L Bennett
Elder Class – Miss E Martin

Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Cypress Class – Miss G Burnop
Elder Class – Mrs C Carella

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Jetha
Mrs M Pinkos
Miss H Kingsland
Mrs M Glass

Support Staff

Mrs D Hearn – Home School Support Worker
Miss S Lucas – TA Support
Mrs K Beaney – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs K Masters – Office Manager/PA to Headteacher
Mrs R Gill – Administrative Assistant
Miss C Gooch – Attendance and Administrative Assistant
Mrs M Nye – Administrative Assistant
Miss L Yeomans – SEN Administrative Assistant


Ms R Kotsis – Finance Assistant
Mrs N O’Donnell – Finance Assistant
Mrs M Kennett – Finance Assistant

IT Staff

Mr C Kemp – TSAT Network Engineer
Mr C Gower – IT Engineer

Site Team

Mr P O’Nyon – Premises Staff
Mr I Edgerton – Premises Staff
Mrs J Page – Premises Staff

Lunchtime Play Leaders

Mrs A Adebayo
Miss R Barrett
Mrs H Bushell
Miss P Dimmock
Mrs A Hellier
Mrs L Hooper
Miss K Holsten
Miss F Katnoria
Mrs K Matthews
Mrs B McDonalds
Mrs N Payne
Mrs N Xiouris

Breakfast Club

Mrs G Kaur
Miss A Forward
Mrs A Davis
Mrs  A Hellier