Thinking Artistically

‘Thinking Artistically’ teaches our children to be their best self through the knowledge skills and understanding of how the arts enrich the world around us.

Children will participate in a range of artistic learning opportunities to develop an appreciation of visual and performing arts. They will experiment with both aspects of being an artist, developing communication and self-confidence skills through individual expression.

  • An arts approach to the curriculum is used to develop children’s ability in performing arts and visual arts, which is underpinned by a rich vocabulary education.
  • Children’s musical skills are developed through composition, performance and appreciation of a wide range of musical experiences linked to their topic theme, including where music reflects historical or social significance
  • Weekly dance lessons, linked to our topics, provide the children with an outlet for personal expression. They develop their understanding of their body, themselves as performers and how to cooperate in a group. The use of language is developed to show both understanding and appreciation of the performance of themselves and others.

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