EYFS Hatch Ducklings and Meet Superheroes!

June 10, 2022 12:39pm

EYFS at New Horizons Children’s Academy have had a very exciting Term so far and have enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a range of wonderful new experiences.

Hatching Ducklings

Reception and Nursery children had lots of fun looking after eggs from a farm. The children made predictions on what would hatch from the eggs, including their colour and gender. We had lots of fabulous guesses, including: unicorns, dinosaurs, crocodiles, chickens and even flamingos. EYFS were very excited to welcome Edwin, Elma, Elmo and Edna the ducklings when they had finally hatched. The children spoke about how to care and look after the ducklings and enjoyed lots of cuddles on the last day before the ducklings returned to their farm.

Superhero Visits!

This Term, EYFS are enjoying their ‘Will you tell me a story?’ topic. As part of this topic, the children were visited by some very special guests…Superman and Wonder Woman! The children responded with awe and wonderment, one of their Habits of Mind, and recalled school rules on kindness.

We are proud to offer such a diverse range of opportunities to our EYFS children, and it has been fantastic to see them enjoying these activities, exploring new things and broadening their horizons.