Our Eco-Committee is Visited by Speaker from Sustainable Delivery Company

May 4, 2022 10:10am

Children at New Horizons Children’s Academy were delighted to welcome Jaimie Phillips from DPD last term, who came to speak about the company’s sustainability projects and ‘Green Journey’.

The visit started with a Q&A session with DPD’s representative, Jaime, who answered the children’s insightful questions about electrical vehicles, the delivery process and DPD’s sorting processes at the warehouses. Jaime also shared some exciting videos with the children all about their ReLove project, designed to reduce textile waste across the country.

New Horizons’ Eco Committee is a group of elected students passionate about driving forward the school’s green strategy, and thinking about what they can do as a community to protect the future of our planet. We also have a proud Garbage Collection Team – the GCT – who keep the playground and school site clean, tidy and friendly to its wildlife.

Just as the children thought the exciting event was coming to an end, Jaimie revealed a wonderful surprise: she had brought one of DPD’s electric vehicles with her for the children to look at! The pupils eagerly made their way out to the playground, where the electric van was waiting for them. The children enjoyed learning all about how the vehicle works, how it is charged and DPD’s plans to go 100% electric.

Thank you to Jaimie from DPD for visiting and inspiring our Eco Committee and GCT – this was a brilliant opportunity for the children to find out more about large companies’ commitment to sustainability.