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School Times

School Times

Our school times have returned to normal following COVID 19. We have re-opened the ‘drop-off zone’ which runs from 8.20-8.40am. The school gates open from 8.30am and registration opens at 8.40am and closes at 8.50am.


Year group Start time Finish time
Nursery Session 1: 8:30am

Session 2: 12:00pm

Session 1: 11:30am

Session 2: 3:00pm

EYFS 8:40am 3:00pm
Year 1 8:40am 3:00pm
Year 2 8:40am 3:00pm
Year 3 8:40am 3:15pm
Year 4 8:40am 3:15pm
Year 5 8:40am 3:15pm
Year 6 8:40am 3:15pm