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Regional Governing Body

The TSAT Governance Model is different to the way a governing body in a non-Academy or traditional school undertakes governance.

Essentially, there are two elements to the governance of the TSAT Academies – local governance that is delivered via the Academy Advisory Board (AAB) and regional governance, delivered via the Regional Governing Bodies. Each Regional Governing Body is linked to an Director of Education; Currently, there are five Regional Governing Bodies: Chatham, Fratton, Kent, Portsmouth, and Strood. The Board of Directors is the final decision making body which sits above the Regional Governing Bodies.

Local Governance – The Academy Advisory Board

The AAB consists of a group of people who could be parents, community nominees, or academy staff, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 people. A member of the Regional Governing Body may also sit on the AAB if required.

The TSAT Board has established five key roles for Academy Advisory Boards:

  • To advise/act as a critical friend to the Principal;
  • To advise the Regional Governing Body about local issues they need to consider that affect the academy;
  • Represent the interest of the Academy community in the running of the Academy;
  • Represent the Academy in its community;
  • Provide support to the Principal in undertaking appropriate day to day procedures that are essential to the life of the Academy.

The main purpose of these roles is to enable AABs to be able to express and act on local views and issues – views of parents and the community etc. One of the key purposes of an AAB is to ensure that the Academy is being a good expression of what and who TSAT is in the local community. Therefore, these roles are about ensuring that the TSAT Ethos is “lived” out in the Academy on a day to day basis.

The five roles translate specifically into the following tasks that the AAB undertakes:

  • it acts as a key link between the Academy, parents and local community;
  • it supports the work of the Academy in the community;
  • it supports the Principal and Academy Leadership Team in the development and implementation of the Academy Development Plan and other relevant plans, ensuring that the TSAT ethos remains at the heart of the Academy community;
  • it helps on the ground with the implementation of certain Academy policies;
  • it offers challenging but positive and proactive support to the Principal;
  • it regularly reviews the Academy’s performance in relation to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The Regional Governing Bodies

The Regional Governing Bodies consist of a group of eight people who are elected onto the Board for a period of 4 years. This is a skills-based governing body, with people who have skills in Business/Legal, Finance, HR, Estates and Health and Safety, Marketing/ Communications and Education. Each Executive Principal will be a member of the relevant RGB and the CEO is an ex-officio member. The key responsibilities of a Regional Governing Body are:

  • The day to day oversight of the running of the regional academies;
  • Carrying out the MAT’s vision policies and priorities;
  • Holding local academy leadership to account for school academic perormance, quality of care and provision;
  • Overseeing and monitoring the effectiveness of local strategies;
  • Seeking value for money and ensuring resources are applied appropriately at regional academy level;
  • Supporting the Board in relation to proper use of funds and delivering high quality educational provision;
  • Liaise with the Academy Advisory Boards.

For more information about the Trust’s governance please visit the TSAT website.

Chatham Regional Governing Body – Members & Business Interests

Chatham Regional Governing Body governs Holcombe Grammar School, The Victory Academy and New Horizons Children‘s Academy.

This structure is applicable from 1st September 2019, to view the previous structure please click here: RGB Structure up to 31/08/2019

Role Member Business Interests Appointed By Appointment Date Stepped Down
Chair Michael Bailey None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
Education 1 Cllr Joanne Howcroft-Scott Cllr for Medway Co-operative and Labour Party

NEU Equalities Officer

TUC Equalities Officer

Bluesky Foster Care – IHV‘s Officer and Foster Carer

Chair of Governors – Linton Mead School

Governor – Waterside SEMH School

Scottlsquo;s Builders – Husbands Building Company

Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
HR James Bushnell None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
Management Michael Gray None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
Legal & Compliance Michael Bailey None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
Premises and H&S Richard Holdsworth None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
CEO Stuart Gardner None Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019
Director of Education Mandy Gage Trustee of Nucleus Arts/The Halpern Charitable Foundation

Trustee of Arthur Ingram Trust

Chair of Medway Cultural Education Partnership (with Royal Opera House Bridge)

Appointed by Board of Directors 01/09/2019