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New Horizons Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

New Horizons Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

Welcome to New Horizons Parents, Teachers and Friends Association!

Our Vision – “Reaching for the STARS” – Supporting Teachers and Resourcing Students- Together, anything is possible.

Our mission is to put children first. We support the school with educational, enriching, and fun events and experiences while encouraging closer connections between parents and staff. NH PTFA is a registered charity 1171499 and a member of Parentkind 50222. This enables us to apply for better funding opportunities and elevate our profile with companies. We are fully insured and registered with Medway Council for a small lottery license.

The current committee members are:

Leeann Nixon (Chair) “I am Leeann, and I would like to introduce myself as the new chair of New Horizons PTFA. I have two children, a boy who has just left NH to go to Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School and a girl in year 6. I am very much looking forward to chairing the PTFA and getting involved in the much-needed fundraising.”

Laura Liddle (Vice-Chair) “I am excited to be involved with the PTFA, to help the school community to grow and enhance the school experience for the children and their families!”

Emma Williams (Secretary) “I have a daughter in year 6. I originally helped to form NH PTFA and register it as a charity back in 2016! I have recently been recruited back to help grow the PTFA into a strong, thriving community!”

Dave Nixon (Treasurer) “Looking forward to making some spreadsheets and watching the pennies!”


Did you know?

All the scary roles are taken, but all parents or guardians of pupils at New Horizons Children’s Academy and staff members are automatically members of NH PTFA. All you need is an interest in enhancing the school for your children, something we all have in common!

So, what do you guys do?

We get together with the school representative, Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Bacon to discuss fundraising events. In the last few months, we held used school uniform sales with a host of branded and unbranded items at bargain prices, a summer raffle as part of Parentkind’s “BIG Summer Raffle”, and these 2 events; alone raised £800! We hope to host more face-to-face events and socials in the new school year, including coffee mornings, school discos, and pocket money stalls.

What does the money get spent on?

That’s where we need help from parents! We have listened to feedback at the end of last school term, and to start September 2021, we have purchased 180 aprons for the children to use in craft lessons! We love the children’s enthusiasm and the school’s continued dedication to art lessons, but we listened to parents who were not so keen on the stained school uniforms!

We subsidise school trips and activities, such as the annual Christmas Pantomime, where funding has fallen short. We will continue to listen to the children’s school council, teachers, and parent’s requests and consider all possibilities.

Suppose a more extensive project cannot be funded through school fundraising alone? In that case, the trustees and committee members will always endeavour to use our status as a charity to apply for grants and additional funding from outside sources wherever possible.

We are committed to continuing to be transparent with our fundraising and what has been purchased with funds. We will be providing a fundraising thermometer accessible to all, and regular updates will be on our website too!

How will I be kept up to date on events?

We have a dedicated Facebook page at New Horizons PTFA and a website at you can sign up with and keep up to date on events. This is the only place to buy tickets so don’t miss out!

Information will also be sent out via the school’s messaging system MyEd and emails, so make sure the school has all your details up to date.

This all sounds great! How do I get involved?

That’s music to our ears!

We’d love you to come along for meetings and socials and get stuck in, but we appreciate not everyone has the time due to work and home life commitments. You can still support us by volunteering to help run an event; even half an hour of your time is invaluable to us. You will be able to offer help when you purchase tickets, so no need to contact us separately; we contact you! It could be helping design a poster, setting up a stall, operating a stall or donating a raffle prize!

Can’t do that? We understand! You can just help support us by purchasing a ticket for an event or buying a slice of cake at a coffee morning, YUM! It’s that easy! If you’d like to know any more information register on our website this will also be the place to buy events tickets and keep up to date so it’s worth registering early or please come find us at an event. Have any other questions? Drop us an email!

Although we work closely with New Horizons Children’s Academy, the responsibility, accountability, and information within this page resides with the NH PTFA.