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Leading Parent Partnership Award

Leading Parent Partnership Award

We have officially been accredited with the Leading Parent Partnership Award by Optimus Education.

This has been as a result of all the hard work the staff and children have put into improving the provision and relationships between school and parents/carers.

The Leading Parent Partnership Award gives schools a coherent framework to deliver effective parental engagement:

  • Transition – Support parents as their children transition through or between schools.
  • Participation – Include all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning.
  • Communication – Take steps to ensure that the school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents.
  • Guidance – Provide clear and accessible guidance to help parents support their children’s learning and development.
  • Induction – Provide clear guidance on the responsibilities of parents, school and pupils, and share this information with parents as a key part of the induction process.
  • Home–school links – Produce parent-friendly policies to establish effective home–school links

Below provides information about the progress taken towards obtaining the award.

Term 3  (2016- 2017)

·         An LPPA working group has been set up.

·         A statement of commitment has been signed by relevant persons.

·         All relevant parties and stakeholders have been informed that we are working towards the LPPA.

·         An LPPA action plan has been created.

·         LPPA has been included on the School Improvement Plan.


Term 4  (2016- 2017)

·         The school vision statement has been displayed prominently throughout the school.

·         The website has been updated with up to date information for parents.

·         A range of communication methods have been put into place.

·         Information has been provided to parents both via paper and on the website.

·          Parents/carers have been given the opportunity to communicate with staff through contact books, telephone calls and face to face meetings.


Term 5  (2016- 2017)

·         Behaviour information has been published on the website.

·         Activities and tasks have been provided to parents in order for them to learn together e.g. Online activities, homework tasks, community activities, open mornings.

·         Curriculum information has been provided to parents/carers in a range of formats.

·         Parents/carers have been provided with termly feedback about the progress of their child.

·         Parents/carers have been provided with information about how to support their children at home.

·         Children’s achievements have been communicated to parents via the newsletter.


Term 6  (2016- 2017)

·         Parents and carers have been provided with additional ideas for home learning and holiday activities, including those that focus on cultural diversity via our website.

·         Parent partnership expectations are outlined in the staff handbook.

·         Displays have continued to be improved throughout the school.

·         A volunteer handbook and policy have been created.

·         National initiatives have been detailed on the school website.


Term 1  (2017-2018)

·         Directional signs to guide parents and carers have been installed throughout the school.

·         A questionnaire has been created and distributed to parents and carers inviting them to provide feedback on various aspects of their relationship with the school.

·         Additional parent and child home learning opportunities have been provided.

·         2017-2018 workshop dates have been set and shared with parents/carers via a wider range of communication methods.

·         Registers have been kept in order to analyse attendance.

·         Children have been involved in workshop sessions to enable parents to learn alongside their child.

·         A range of days/times and childcare options have been offered to parents to improve attendance at events.

·         A range of training sessions have been offered to parents to develop their own learning e.g. Maths calculations, phonics.

·         A number of sessions have been offered to enable parents into school to learn with their child and engage in activities.


Term 2  (2017-2018)

·         Signage has been created and installed in the office seating area advertising information in different languages when required.

·         Signposting towards online and nearby courses has been provided for parents and carers.

·         The completed parent/carer questionnaires have been analysed.

·         Parent friendly policies have been made available, including in languages other than English.

·         Current systems has been reviewed and adapted based upon parental feedback.


Term 3  (2017-2018)

·         A parent handbook has been created.

·         Procedures for Year 6 leavers have been created and will be ready for publication in suitable time for our first Year 6 leavers in July 2019.

·         Protocols for mid-year leavers are displayed on our website.


Term 4  (2017-2018)

·         Materials to help parents and carers support their child’s learning and development have been published on the website.

·         More regular surveys will be provided to parents and carers to seek feedback and shape future relationships.

·         An Action Plan has been created for 2018-2021.