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Change of School Day

Change of School Day

Parent Consultation for change to the end of the school day

The school is proposing changes to the end of the school day following discussions with and suggestions from families regarding the congestion and parking challenges the school faces.

One of those suggestions was to adapt the end of the school day to enable children in Key Stage 2 to come out later. This would ensure children within Key Stage 1 come onto the playground without the older children present, parents can collect them and leave the school site safely.

The proposed changes are for Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to continue to finish at 3.00pm with children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 finishing school at 3.15pm. These hours are still within the statutory teaching hours and would enable a smoother, less congested end to the school day.

These changes have been agreed by the Regional Governing Body with a 4 week consultation process beginning Monday 14th November 2016 and finishing Monday 12th December 2016. The children and staff will also be consulted during this period of time with all respondents being considered over the Christmas period.

It is anticipated that should the majority of stakeholders agree with these proposals that we will change the end of the school day for the beginning of term 5, Tuesday 18th April 2017. This will provide us with the opportunity to review the changes and make any necessary alterations before more children join the academy in September 2017.

It is important to the Academy that we receive as many responses as possible to make a clear and informed decision regarding the changes to the day so please return the attached form to the school no later than Monday 12th December.

Parent Consultation Change of end of school day November 2016